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    We invite you to experience Amica’s distinctive new customer care program. Amica At Your Service gives you access to your very own personal assistant. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, we can take care of the details, so you have more time to enjoy all life has to offer.

  • 1st Birthday

    A concerned woman called us because her daughter’s first birthday was quickly approaching, and she needed help finding a good local bakery. A personal assistant researched and found a number of great local bakeries, and then confirmed the date she should order the cake so it would be ready in time. The woman was thrilled with the help and said:
    “The timely response was so great. It probably saved me more than two hours to look up and call to find out things. It was extremely helpful and will definitely use this service in the near future.”

  • An Ice Surprise

    A woman wanted tickets to a very special ice skating show for her child’s birthday. She did not want to spend too much but wanted the best seats she could get for her budget. After researching the dates of availability, a personal assistant provided her with all the details and pricing – along with explaining the difference in the pricing options and what the view may be like from one price point to another. She appreciated the assistance and felt comfortable with saving a bit of money on tickets – and still got great seats. She said:
    “They’re very personable and saved me a lot of time. I will definitely be using this service again.”

  • Train Getaway

    A family wanted to travel by train from Neptune, N.J., to Winston Salem, N.C., but there were no direct train routes. The father asked our personal assistant to provide detailed information on train routes that would take them to their final destination. The result: three different trains, but a total cost that was quite reasonable! The man said:
    “I LOVE this incredible service and try to use it often. I’m also encouraging others to do the same.”

  • Father’s Day Road Trip

    A man wanted to take his father away for a long weekend for Father’s Day, and his sister and brother wanted to come, too. This was a last minute request, but the personal assistant was able to help with hotel reservations within his budget, tickets for museums, amusement parks, baseball game tickets for everyone – and even a reservation for a tee time. He was so happy to have this last-minute help in planning such a fantastic Father’s Day trip and said:
    “I cannot praise the staff enough. They helped me plan a last-minute getaway for my family, including golf for me and baseball tickets for us all. I’ve used this service several times in the past, and I am always satisfied.”

  • Hurricane Support

    “After the hurricane, I was without power and my basement flooded. I called the personal assistant service and got Ashley. On my behalf, she reached out to some 50 stores in my area to help me find a generator, which was a near-impossible task given that everyone was looking for them and supplies were short. After some time of striking out, she found a place that had a shipment on its way. I got there ahead of the delivery and was first in line. It was a huge help. On top of that, Ashley was sympathetic to my plight, and she followed up with me repeatedly on results and next steps. She was the model of customer service and care. I would highly recommend the service to anyone and everyone.”

  • Boiler Help

    A caller’s oil boiler was requiring much more maintenance than usual. She hadn’t used the service before and decided to give it a try. The personal assistant identified and offered several service providers who could visit the member’s home to assess the current boiler and provide estimates for a new one. She was extremely happy with her experience and said:
    “This was the first time that I used the service. I was very impressed with how quick and efficient it was. I will definitely be calling again. Thanks so much.”

  • Forgotten Valentine’s Day

    A distraught man contacted the service on Valentine’s Day at 1 p.m. in a panic. He had forgotten about Valentine’s Day and needed flowers delivered by 4 p.m. He not only needed suggestions within his price range, but he needed options quickly to get the delivery in time. The personal assistant promptly found a local florist and had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered just before 4 p.m. He was so impressed by the service and how quickly the personal assistant was able to help: “Nothing could have been done to make my experience better. The service saved the day with a last-minute Valentine’s Day afternoon request. Service level was great! Execution was perfect.”

  • Yes, There Is an Easter Bunny

    A caller wanted to give a gift to a family that he knew was in need. He learned they could not afford to celebrate Easter dinner or buy an Easter basket for the family’s 8-year-old little girl. The personal assistant researched and arranged for the family to have Easter brunch in a restaurant, and the bill was paid in advance with the man’s permission. The service also arranged to have a beautiful Easter basket waiting for the little girl when she arrived at the restaurant – so she would know the Easter Bunny had not forgotten her.

  • In Case of Emergency

    A worried father called and asked for help. His daughter had been robbed in front of a restaurant in Jacksonville, Fla. She was miles away from home without any money, credit cards or passport. The personal assistant contacted her credit card company to overnight a new card, had her passport faxed to her hotel and contacted her airline to arrange for a flight home the next day. The service helped to keep everyone connected until the man’s daughter was safe and had funds to get home.

  • A Jazzy 70th

    A caller’s father was getting ready to celebrate his 70th birthday, and she was looking for suggestions for a gift to send to him in Chicago. The personal assistant asked about his hobbies and learned that he loved jazz and reading, so we suggested a gift basket with new and old jazz CDs and a book about Chicago jazz. She loved the idea, but wasn’t sure what CDs her father already had in his extensive collection. We then suggested that she add dinner and arrange to have the restaurant band announce the big event. The band was thrilled to be a part of the night. A few days later, we received an email from her father, sharing his love of the CDs (he didn’t already have them) and the dinner.

  • A Farewell Gesture

    A distressed caller’s father-in-law had passed away at home in Argentina, and she needed to send flowers as soon as humanly possible. In Argentina, a viewing is traditionally held for one day at the home, and the burial is held the next day. Even our flower partners couldn’t guarantee delivery in Argentina for the next day. After an exhaustive search, we found a reputable vendor in Argentina. A bilingual colleague helped communicate the request to the vendor via email – and flowers were delivered that day to the home of the woman’s late father-in-law.

  • A Video Full of Memories

    A caller planned a trip to an amusement park after a tough year, which included heart surgery for her young son. It was his first visit, and she wanted to capture it all on video. After arriving in Florida, she realized she had forgotten the charger for her video camera. That’s when she contacted the service for help. At first, we weren’t able to find many feasible options. Finally, we suggested purchasing a new video camera and having it delivered. Many stores could not do it, so we collaborated with her hotel concierge to have a driver purchase and deliver the camera to her – only two hours later!

  • Ring for Concierge

    The service received a call from a frantic young man. He had lost his wedding ring on his honeymoon while removing the couple’s rental boat from a sandbank. This upset his new wife, who was distraught about the loss of this symbol of his love and commitment. We contacted the jewelry company to have the same ring engraved and shipped out the next day. However, there was a small hitch: the jewelry company doesn’t ship to P.O. boxes, and the hotel had no delivery address. Thinking quickly, we had the ring shipped the following day, in an ironic turn of events, to the boat rental company on site at the resort. The newlyweds considered their honeymoon “saved.”

  • Emergency Landing

    On a flight from Dallas to Oakland, a caller’s grandson stopped breathing 45 minutes after take-off. The plane had to make an emergency landing back in Dallas. Her grandson, her son and daughter-in-law were all rushed by ambulance to a local children’s hospital. The caller could not contact her son, whose cell phone had just lost power. We immediately took control and, minutes later, after scouring local children’s hospitals, were able to connect her with her son. A few days later, the family needed help with transportation from the hospital to make their flights and could not find a taxi. We arranged for a car service to stay on-call for the airport transfer at a reduced rate.

  • A Sold-out Concert

    A woman was trying to find tickets to a sold-out concert. The particular show she wanted to attend was sponsored by the McCormick Tribune Foundation, an organization that aids wildfire victims in Southern California. Not only was she a huge fan of the lead performer, but she was also a victim of a wildfire – and in a wheelchair due to her injuries. After hearing her story, we spoke with a representative at the box office who not only arranged for tickets to the sold-out concert, but also provided her with wheelchair-accessible seating. When the woman heard the news, she broke down in gratitude.

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